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Power Point 365/2019

In this project, you will modify a presentation for the Top’t Corn popcorn company.
You will change the look of the entire presentation by applying a theme and theme variant.
You will add content to the presentation including text (in Normal view and Outline view),
pictures, a table of information, and a chart. You will add a transition to all the slides
in the presentation as well as animate objects on a slide. You will add information to the
footer area of the slides as well as a note to a slide. Finally, you will practice running
the presentation, and print handouts for your audience.

Skills needed to complete this

  • Change the presentation theme
  • Apply a theme variant
  • Add text to slides
  • Add a picture
  • Add alt text to a picture
  • Change the size of an image
  • Move an image
  • Enter text in Outline view
  • Align text
  • Add a numbered list
  • Change the layout of a slide
  • Create a table on a slide
  • Apply a Quick Style to a table
  • Add a chart and enter the data
  • Apply and modify a slide transition
  • Apply an animation effect
  • Modify an animation
  • Add the date to the footer
  • Add custom text to the footer
  • Add a note to a slide
  • Start the slide show
  • Navigate the slide show using the mouse and keyboard
  • Print handouts
  1. Switch back to Normal
    view and navigate to Slide 4. Modify the slide
    by doing the following:

  2. Add a chart to the slide.
  3. Animate objects on a slide.
  4. Add information to the footer of all slides.
  5. Print handouts of the presentation.

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