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powerpoint mobile health&childhood obesity

Title slide (1 slide)

Introduction (1-2 slides):

What is telehealth? Give a brief explanation.

Describe your chosen health concern and the population you have chosen for your week 12 paper and why this is an important topic to you. (childhood obesity)

Choose one example of telehealth that can be used for your week 12 disease topic and population. (2-3 slides).-mobile health

Briefly explain which category of telehealth it would fall under and why:

asynchronous (store and forward) or synchronous (remote monitoring, mobile health/wellness, telemedicine, etc.).

Explain how your chosen example of telehealth is used to track, monitor, or provide care to the individual with your chosen health concern. iii. Consider if this type of telehealth is used with acute or chronic conditions, or both? Is it more likely to be used in remote, rural or urban areas? Is it used to monitor recently discharged patients or chronic long-term patients? Is it used continuously, daily, weekly? iv. Who is/are the main person(s) monitoring the telehealth? Nurses, providers, specialists? These are some of the questions you should ask yourself.

Discuss the benefits and concerns for the chosen telehealth service used for your population? (2 slides).

What does the research show about this type of telehealth and its use with your chosen population? How effective is it?

What are the barriers or other concerns with its use? Keep i/.n mind security/privacy, accessibility, financial, and ease of use as benefits or barrier/concerns.

Conclusion (1 slide)

How effective do you think telehealth can be for your chosen health concern and population?

What do you see for the future in telehealth? Do you see a need for some additional types of telehealth for your chosen health concern and population? Which ones do you think would be beneficial? Why?

Reference slide (1-2 slides or as needed for visual clarity)

Use proper APA formatting with exception of hanging indents (it may not hold the hanging indents in Power Point). If unable to use hanging indent, all other APA components and formatting should be included.

All citations should appear on the reference page and all references should be cited on the appropriate slides. You should also verbally give credit to your sources as you create the audio and video. You do NOT need to include a text of the citation in your INITIAL post (only your responses) but you SHOULD include the citation on the slide where it is discussed.

-i just need the power point completed not the (voice thread) – keep short and sweet and hit the main points

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