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presentation about bank of america

bank of america

presentation instructions should provide the following items:
▪ Brief biography about the company
▪ Strategic goals and objectives
▪ Describe the company’s business model (important)
▪ Failures/challenges that were encountered by the company? and how did they
overcome these obstacles?
▪ Successful business strategy transformation (most important)
▪ Future strategic plans and innovation
▪ Benchmark three comparable organizations
▪ Your presentation slides should include images of the selected topic.

Things to consider:

1- Consider theme, template, designs and tables, graphs..etc.

2- Don’t include copying ( images, tables,…etc) from outside sources like business model, benchmark, and other major elements of the presentation, Include images only to founder, company, initiatives…etc.

3- need to design the business model which include 9 elements. Also, the benchmark section to be designed..

10-12 slides

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Proficient Writer Editorial Team

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