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Principles of Planning, Evaluation and Research for Healthcare Programs

Increasing Access to Telehealth Services Will Improve Access to Healthcare for the Underserved Population research proposal looking for 3 additional pages which include an HIE component needed by tomorrow evening no later than 6:00 pm Eastern Standard Time.

Final assignment notes:

  • If yours is HCA without a survey component, it will be an automatic 10-point deduction on your Week 7/8 assignment.
  • If yours is HI without an HIE element, it will be an automatic 10-point deduction on your Week 7/8 assignment. HIE is, in my opinion, more difficult to incorporate than a survey. You need to have at least an idea (and section) on how this may play a role in your project. This is still a proposal – not a set in stone plan. Re-visit your earlier paper on the HIE if that is helpful to you.
  • APA formatting please, with section headers.
  • Direct quotes are in quotation marks, always.
  • This is a future tense, proposal.
  • No first person pronouns
  • You do need in text citations as well as paraphrased quotes.
  • Be sure you have the required number of sources.
  • “Hanging” style references. Look at Purdue OWL if that is confusing. There are lots of tools in the Course Content on APA that will be of benefit as you polish your paper this week!

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Proficient Writer Editorial Team

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