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Procurement Cost Savings Chart

For the $1MM cost savings/cost avoidance target, here is my proposal on how to record how effective procurement is. Savings will start for Jan 1 2022 until Dec 31, 2023. Savings will be recorded for a year only. If the savings will be what is actually delivered (example – if savings start July 1, 2022, we would only get savings for 1/2)

I suggest we have 1 combined goal between the two.

Cost savings

  • If known cost per unit (e.g. Docusign per person) – Basis would be current cost per unit. Savings would be the difference between cost
  • per unit × units for the first vear.

    o example: Current cost for Docusign is $10 a year per user, new cost per user with docusign is $8. The number of users is 1.000

    – ($10-$8) * 1000 = $2,000 savings

    Other units could be per computer, per BU

  • New item
  • o Medium of first bid would be the basis and final item would be the

  • Bidding out new GRC platform. Bids are 60K, 55K, 30K for one year. Medium bid is $55K
  • – Final bid with winner is $50K. Savings is $5K

    Cost avoidance

    If the supplier is raising prices, the basis will be what the new cost will be and what is negotiated is what is cost avoidance.

    o example: Docusign’s cost per user goes up from $10 to $15 a user. We are able to negotiate the price to $11.

    o Cost avoidance would be ($15-$14) * 1000 users = $1000

    I need to make a excel chart on this.

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