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Yesterday a female employee was attacked in the lobby of your company. Two other employees chased the attacker out the door and down the street. Police officers picked him up in a few minutes. The female employee suffered only a few minor cuts, but the incident illustrates the dangers of keeping the company’s four outside doors both unlocked and unattended. As Vice President of Operations, you decide that only the front door will be unlocked during the day. The two side doors and the back door will be locked all day to prevent outsiders from casually entering the offices. Employees will be able to leave by those doors, but they will have to go to the front door to reenter. A security guard will be stationed at the front door during office hours to monitor visitors and accept deliveries. Write a memo to all employees telling them of the new plan, which will start next Monday. Impress readers with the seriousness of the danger, but do not start a panic.Remember you may not use a template and all the wording in your memo should be yours.

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Proficient Writer Editorial Team

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