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Program Document


The purpose of this project is to re-design an assisted living facility, Bradford Village (, located in Edmond, Oklahoma. Bradford Village offers independent living, assisted living, and memory care services, and provides residents with numerous amenities such as a fitness and wellness center, a community event center, a restaurant, a salon and barbershop, activity and art rooms, and libraries.


1) Site analysis with map(s) – local benefits, community amenities, Bradford Village amenities, sun orientation, noise courses, etc. (Example of site analysis will be in the attachment).
Address: 300 Enz Dr, Edmond, OK 73034

Site Analysis explanation:…

2) Summary notes of your analysis of existing physical environments – check photos, and Bradford Village websites:

3) Summary notes of your analysis of interview responses of residents and staff. (Reading will be in the attachment).

4) Summary notes of code, regulations, design guidelines. (Reading will be in the attachment).

5) Research information:

– Summary notes about research findings about senior living and assisted living physical environments’ design strategies and design trends related to quality of life domains (not all, pick some), universal design (including the kitchen cabinetry), wayfinding, advanced technology incorporation (i.e., smart home), biophilic design, engagement, cleanability, infection prevention, flexibility, safety and wellness

– Precedent study (assisted living case study) – Select at least two existing cases to help you formulate programmatic requirements → summary notes about the facility name, location, SF, Story, any Architecture/Builder information (if you can find), overall facility information, and major design considerations for residents and staff, pictures

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