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Project 3 peer review draft

I wrote this one: Hi everyone, my name is “”” and I will be talking about twitter. Twitter is one of the top apps around the world and many people use it to see the news and learn things they want. But the question is, is twitter reliable with the information it has? Is everything post in the app true and supported?

Twitter is app that allow you to post a video, text,images and even you can open a live with people to talk about whatever you want. Some people open accounts for learning language, some open business accounts and atc.. but the thing is the app can prohibit anything from posting which that make some bad people post some video not moral and the app does not have age limit to use it. So, many young boys enter the app and see these videos might even by mistake but he got these ideas and his behavior changes with the time to be another person. Also, some people when they open language or business accounts, he might not be majoring in this thing but he had experience with it and give many audience advices on improving things that does not have sources and something to support it.

In conclusion, twitter it is a channel but with different system and no low on it. You can use it to improve yourself and get benefit from or you get bad ideas and change from your personality. But never be trusted app with the post they do as long as not sources for it.

and then she replied with a comment :

Your script is off to a good start. I would suggest providing a more expanded overview of Twitter for your audience. You can discuss its history, popularity, etc. Also, remember that you are creating a criteria (set of standards) to evaluate how Twitter has affected learning and literacy practices. As you continue revising your script. I suggest having the assignment sheet for project 3 next to you to ensure you are meeting the requirements of this project. Let me know if you have any questions.

So after that she want to revising the essay and add some things as you see in the picture and add resources.

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Proficient Writer Editorial Team

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