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Project Carter Part 2

Hey Tutor AR, The attached documents include project template 1 and unit assignment for project charter 1. Both of these include a template and the main assignment that was submitted. You do not have to work on it. It is only posted as a guide for you to look at the main assignment which has instructions, a template, and a scoring guide. The is Project Charter 2. This is the one you will be working on only. The Charter one is just for your reference. Now, in the assignment submitted for project charter one, the stakeholders were not properly selected. Please suggest other stakeholders that may be included. This you have to use your creative skills. The suggested stakeholders can be any initials and some job descriptions for them. You have to be creative. These will just be suggestions that you have to label in red ink so that I can understand the additional stakeholders you have added. Your main focus is Project Charter 2. This is the one you have to do. Please look at the instructions and the template for project charter 2 to be able to complete the assignment. Remember, the main assignment you are supposed to do from the beginning has to do with Project Charter 2. Project Charter 1 submission should be your guide to do this assignment.

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