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A reminder that the semester long project is due at 11.59PM this Friday (Dec. 3rd). A draft example of this is provided to you in the Week 14 module. As you finalize your projects, please review the feedback provided to the class on Friday, Week 10 (see slides in module), in addition to the feedback you each received on your individual case study assignments. Please use the Case Study template for your project (this can be found in the Week 9 module). On Friday (Dec. 3rd) we will be using the class time to work on the semester projects so please come ready with any final questions you have, or a draft you would like me to review in advance of final submissionI I understand the sample is not in english you can translate it you need to delete the word and add your own information about the place of your choosing

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Proficient Writer Editorial Team

Proficient Writer Editorial Team

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