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Proposal summary of Thesis ​American culturalism and American Dream

Proposal Summary of Thesis American culturalism and American Dream created opportunities for Americans: Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison and An American Dream by Norman Mailer.

Thesis statement three: The American Dream is to establish equal opportunities for all people so that they can advance in life.Example of novels:

1. Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison. In this novel, the author has written a story of a young and educated black boy. This boy lives in a society that is racially segregetedand the people do not consider the boy as a normal human being.

2. An American Dream by Norman Mailer. This novel includes a vision, a vision of American Nation which includes the prosperity, better and quality life, opportunities, and everyone getting success on the basis of his or her skills. Details :1- summery 2- purpose and objectives of Thesis 3- original value 4- Topic, Scope and literature summary 5- Material and method 6-Research opportunities 7- widespread Impact – added value 8-References 20 at least

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