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Race in America Today

All I need is assistance on these 53 questions below!

1. Aside from natural selection (e.g. climate), what are some sources of variation in hair and eye color/form?

2. What are cognitive biases?How do they shape how we perceive other people?

3. What is the same-race/other-race effect?

4. What did the study on facial recognition suggest about why people are better able to distinguish faces of their “own” race compared to those who look different?

5. How does the learning of social race categories affect how we encode individuating information about people?

6. Are cognitive biases fixed?How do they change over time?

7. What are some reasons that we might consider our predisposition to have prejudices/stereotypes to be “natural”?

8. What is Social Identity Theory?

9. What is a stereotype?

10. What are some reasons why stereotypes are no longer adaptive in human societies?

11. What is racism?

12. What is an implicit bias?

13. What are the different levels of racism?

14. What is the eugenics movement, and some other examples of historical institutional racism?

15. What is privilege?

16. What is a racial microaggression?

17. Are there inherent biological differences in intelligence between the races?

18. What is the book The Bell Curve about?

19. What are some false assumptions about race and intelligence made in The Bell Curve?

20. What is the Flynn effect?

21. How do IQ tests reflect both acculturation and cognitive abilities?

22. How might IQ tests be biased?How are there cultural influences in measuring intelligence?

23. What are differences in perceptual styles (field independence or dependence)?

24. How does this relate to cross-cultural variation in conceptions of intelligence, and difficulty measuring it?

25. What are some variables that vary between populations and cross-culturally which can affect the nutritional status of a population?

26. Different types of human subsistence systems

27. Most hunter-gatherers get most of their calories from what category of foods?

28. What type of subsistence strategy results in reduced dietary diversity?

29. Biological/phenotypic changes in response to shift to agriculture

30. Essential nutrients in a human diet

31. Growth vs. development

32. Anthropometric measurements for assessing nutritional status in populations; sexual maturation & nutrition

33. Stature and nutrition: where does stunting occur most in the world?

34. Which nutritional deficiency is also relatively common in developed/post-industrial nations around the world?

35. Difference between kwashiorkor & marasmus

36. American racial inequalities in health: which racial/ethnic category of people experiences the highest death rates from some of the most common causes of death in the U.S.?

37. Which racial/ethnic categories of people experience the lowest rates of healthcare and access to healthcare?

38. How do cultural/social racial differences affect the health & biology of members of non-white categories?

39. What are some racial/ethnic disparities in healthcare?

40. What are some problems with assigned race-based medical prescriptions?

41. What is the nativist movement?

42. What are some key events in U.S. history that influenced immigration rules?What about the treatment of U.S. citizens?

43. Which groups were historically excluded from immigrating to the US?Which nationalities?Social classes?Religions?

44. Why were immigration inspection facilities like Ellis Island built?

45. What are lynchings?When and where were they common?

46. What happened in Marion, Indiana?

47. What is institutional racism?How might it be unprejudiced but ultimately discriminatory?

48. What are some systems where institutional discrimination might manifest?

49. Fill in the matrix below with the following terms (according to Robert Merton)

Institutional discrimination, Latent prejudice, Overt discrimination, Equality

  • Table Matrix:





50. What happened in Ferguson, MO?

51. How/why was the Black Lives Matter movement founded? Who founded it? In response to which events?

52. How is it different from previous civil rights movements?

53. What is intersectionality?

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