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read chapter and answer question

Ch. 9: Setting (pg. 195-225) — “The Storm” pg. 200-205, “This Is What It Means to Say Phoenix, Arizona” pg. 205-216

Ch. 10: Point of View (pg. 226-280) — “Big Black Good Man” pg. 236-248, “New York Day Women” pg. 273-280

Ch. 11: Style, Tone, and Language (pg. 281-327) — “A Good Man Is Hard to Find” pg. 295-310, “The Things They Carried” pg. 310-327

Discussion Board Directions: After reading all assigned chapters and stories, pick one story and then pick one question to answer for your Discussion Board post.

For clarification, do not answer all the questions for one story. Do not answer all of the questions for all of the stories. Just pick one question to answer for one of the assigned stories for this week. board posts. (10 pts.):

Chapter number – topic, “Title of Short Story,” Question #

Q: Write the question you are answering.

A: Construct your answer as a paragraph using this formula below.

a. Answer the question full

b. Explain the context of what is happening.

c. Integrate a supporting quote by stating who says the quote with an action verb and provide a parenthetical citation to show where it came from.

Ex: Character says, “Quote” (pg. #, paragraph #). <– Note that the period is not after the quote but after the parenthetical citation.

d. Provide analysis explaining how the quote supports or demonstrates your answer.

e. Spelling, grammar, and punctuation count.


Read this Example to help guide your construction:

Chapter 7 – Plot, “How to Talk to Girls at Parties,” Question #9

Q: What is an example of foreshadowing for Vic’s climactic encounter?

A: In the exposition, the beginning of the story, Vic is shown to be a young man who does not care about society’s morals as demonstrated by his disregard for the law. Enn describes this memory. Enn says, “I had been there when Vic had slipped one of those magazine beneath his sweater, but the owner caught him on the pavement outside and made him give it back” (pg. 132, para. 12). This instance shows that Vic does not care about consequences. If he wants something, he will take it, and the pornographic magazine symbolizes his general attitude in how he perceives women as objects to be taken.


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