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Read the Executive Summary and answer 5 questions

***Read the attachment and answer the 5 questions***

Most of us have had parents and other people in our lives who have imparted their ideas about what we should or should not eat. In this Forum, you can reflect on whether or not your ideas of “healthy eating” are compatible with the Guidelines‘ recommendations for a “healthy eating pattern”? There are no right or wrong answers on this Forum, so feel free to express your opinions without judgment. Don’t try to post your thread until you have actually read the Executive Summary all the way through.

  1. What did you know about the USDA and the Guidelines for Americans before encountering this assignment? (one or two sentences will be sufficient)
  2. According to the Executive Summary, what is the meaning of the term “nutrient density”?
  3. What are the six “core elements” that make up a “healthy eating pattern”?
  4. What are the three dietary elements that we should limit in our diets because they have been linked with an increased risk for chronic disease?
  5. Considering the social disparities that exist in our society today, what purpose could these Guidelines serve? How could they be used to develop a more equitable society?

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Proficient Writer Editorial Team

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