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Reading Log #2


  1. What are three reasons a person might make a bid for connection?

A person can make a bid of connection for different reasons;

  1. To grasp for attention
  2. To express a concern
  3. Aiming for a huh of a physical affection
  1. What are three different forms a bid might take [not all of it is talking ;)?
  1. CPC Bidding.
  2. CPM Bidding.
  3. Conversion Optimized Bidding.
  1. What is fuzzy bidding? Explain why someone might choose to make a fuzzy bid or accidentally/unknowingly make a poor bid.

Fuzzy bidding refers to a set based formulation of auctions. It also entails bidding while making problems under the influence of the environment. One can make a fuzzy bid to another individual with the intention of suppressing a certain bad behaviour in him or with a desire or bad behaviour eradication.

4] Why is it problematic to make a fuzzy or negative bid?

It is problematic rather difficult to make a negative bid due to different reasons, for example, fear of the outcome from your partner after making the bad bid. Despite trying to eradicate negative behaviour, one cannot be clear of what decision a partner can take from the bad bid (Gottman et al., 2001). We should know the effect of the bad bid that can be because of a relationship or surrounding environment before making it.

  1. What are the three ways Gottman explains we respond to bids? What is the most effective and why?

Gottman explains that turning towards, turning away and turning against are ways through which we respond to bids (David, 2014). The most effective of the three ways is turning toward response. It helps stop amplify the bond between individuals.

6. Do the exercise in the book: What’s your style of bidding and responding to bids? What did you learn about your bidding style? What did you learn about your response to bids?

The use of recommendation and appreciation with smiles and winking to friends is my style of bidding. Often my response to bid is encouraging, and I use turning towards. From my bidding style, I realized that I gained and retained many friends. From my bidding style, I realized that many people often enjoyed and were satisfied with my response.


David, P. (2014). Bidding for Intimacy. Pair Bonding & Repair: Essays on Intimacy & Couple Therapy, 13.

Gottman, J. M., DeClaire, J., & Gottman, J. (2001). The relationship cure. New York: Three Rivers Press.

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