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Reflective Journal 1

I wan you to help me right a reflective journal about my first time in clinical for nursing. Basically what I do that day, what I see ect. So the first week was orientation: we introduced ourselves to each other and professor and talk about why we chose nursing. the professor give us a tour of the units of the nursing home were we was able to see patients in their room and also the dinning hall. we talk to the LPNs that was there. The professor also did a review of medication and wound dressing with all the students which was very helpful. after that we went home. This is what happened on the first day of clinical we did not get assigned any patient to work with. using what I put above explain in details to make a journal of 1-3 pages out of it thank you

I want you to use this sumarry to write in detail what happened that day. its a reflective journal


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