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Sunith Sri Reddy Vangala

The study of human behavior in organizational settings is known as Organizational Behaviour (OB). Generally, organizational behavior is an interface or a communication link between human behavior in the organization and the organization itself. The researchers will be studying the behavior of persons in the organizations individually according to their organizational roles. To develop a more significant and influential conceptualization of organizational life, this organizational behavior will help a lot. The primary aim of organizational behavior is to breathe life into the organizational theory so that the organizational life will be healthy (“Impact of Human Resource Quality and Bureaucracy Behaviour on Organizational Performance Effectiveness”, 2016). Generally, different kinds of people will be working in an organization, and they will be different mentalities accepting to their personalities and lifestyle, so it is not an easy task to handle and control all of them.

So this organizational behavior is helpful in this situation because organizational behavior is concerned with the awareness, comprehension, prediction, and control of human behavior in organizations. The employees have different behaviors, so the control of human behaviors in organizations can be done by the organizational behavior. The study of both group and individual performance and action within an organization is referred to as organizational behavior. The following are the features or characteristics of organizational behavior: A Separate Field of Study and not a Discipline Only, Applied Science, Normative Science, An Interdisciplinary Approach, A Humanistic and Optimistic Approach, and A Total System Approach.

As we all know, ethics plays a significant role in everyone’s life, either private or personal. Every organization has its level of ethics, and the employees working in it should accept and follow them.

As a manager at the financial planning office, the primary responsibility is to look after all the financial circumstances necessary to take up a project and accomplish the goal (Smith, 2015). On the other hand, understanding the psychological moralities will also infer the individual’s behavior in an organization. When there is a provision in the organization of employees assigned to be on social media, it maintains proper communication between the employees.

At moments, it is to share the advantages and disadvantages of confronting the customers for the everyday purpose. As a manager, if I require the employees to have an existence on social media. So when a financial advisor of mine posted that he needs $500 to pay his rent for the month, firstly, I would be despondent about that because he did not inform me. Secondly, it will be a form of not following the organization’s ethics because as he is working in a well-known organization but even cannothis rent, then e will think that the organization is not paying him efficiently. So it is not a nice thing to post that.

Noman Sadi

Reflection and discus

Organizational behavior is the study of the behavioral dynamics of individuals and groups in organizational settings, including corporate offices. To meet their short- and long-term goals, business leaders need to understand what motivates their employees and how they interact with each other. That information can help in a host of areas, including employee training and development, and innovation and collaboration (Robins, 2016).

Business leaders can first use their understanding of organizational behavior to evaluate their own attitudes and behaviors as well as the company’s values, strategies and goals. Moreover, they can then use that understanding to identify employees who exhibit leadership and other key behaviors. A keen understanding of organizational behavior can also help improve a manager’s ability to build teams and manage conflict. Managers and human resources personnel can shape organizational culture by the way they focus on their employees and work outcomes.

Employees naturally create subcultures within their organizations as they respond differently to authority and structure. Identifying these tendencies can help an organization build operational strategies that align with each employee’s behavioral strengths. This can have a positive impact on a company’s growth as well as employees’ job satisfaction (Robins, 2016).

One of the main goals of OB is to understand what motivates employees. How organizations measure job satisfaction varies, but most common metrics include a fair and equitable reward system, compelling work, enjoyable working conditions and good supervisors. By understanding what motivates employees, managers can adjust their policies to increase job satisfaction, thereby increasing productivity.

As discussed, a deep understanding of what organizational behavior is and why it is important can contribute to an organization’s effectiveness. Leaders and business managers should have an awareness of how they can motivate employees, provide ongoing training, cultivate effective communication and establish reward systems. These core business concepts and skills can be learned by pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree.

  1. Yes, I will rectify the employee as such posts have a potential to create a public shaming for the company. Posting about the need for $ 500 may imply that the financial advisor is not getting enough pay from the organization even for taking care of his basic needs like rent. This can negatively affect the ability of the firm to attract the candidates for the position of financial advisor. This will create an image of the company as a bad pay master and will also project an image that working as a financial advisor at the company is not worth. The customers and the competitors may use this tweet to mock at the company. This will also send an image that the financial advisors of the company are unable to manage their own finance. Thus overall this tweet will harm the interest to the company in a number of ways. Hence I as a manager will punish this behavior.

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