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research on how to effectively handle a particular “people issue” a manager may face in the workplace

The “How to ” Report

For this assignment, you will do some research on how to effectively handle a particular “people issue” a manager may face in the workplace. You will write up a brief report on your findings. There are three basic steps, shown below. More specific assignment requirements follow the topic list.

  • Pick a “How to ” topic from the list below that interests you. In order to reduce the number of duplicates in the class, you must have your choice approved by me on a first-come, first-served basis. The deadline for getting your topic approved is June 8.
  • Do library research to become the class experts on this topic. Use a minimum of two credible sources. Our textbook does not count as a source. Write up your results in an ‘executive brief’ (details below) to be turned in.

Provide a short summary of you “How To” on the BlackBoard discussion thread. This summary should be no more than 400 words.

The Topic: How to deal with the workplace implications of values differences across countries.

Executive Brief

Your written report should take the form of a maximum two-page (excluding references), double-spaced executive brief. Use Times New Roman 12 pt. font and one- inch margins. Attach a reference list with complete source information. Use APA format for your reference list. See for help on APA formatting.

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