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Research Question


Review the supporting documentation provided in Blackboard

Identify your assigned research topic in the table below

Youtube Videos

Topic Slides

Marking Rubric [Important and document detailed grading criteria]

Draft a research report that focus on the Staffing question assigned to you, include:

Comprehensive research via EBSCO / AcademicSearchComplete / Google Scholar

Contemporary issues in Saudi Arabia

Any personal experience that inform your views

Link you r research and conclusion to other HRM functions

Present the assignment in a format research report format, on Blackboard via SafeAssign

Be prepared to answer questions about your report AND show evidence of planning and draft stages.

Word count: 1200

Due date: 10th February 2022 [feedback on drafts are available until 7 days before due date]

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Proficient Writer Editorial Team

Proficient Writer Editorial Team

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