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Respond to a discussion question

Hello Professor and Classmates

Do you agree or disagree with Kotter’s view as described above?

I agree with (Kotter 2012), “that cultural changes must take place after a major change initiative, to support the changes that have been made” (1). A useful short-term win is visible, unambiguous, and is clearly related to the change effort. Publicizing such wins give evidence that sacrifices are worth it, reward change agents. The pace of major change should accelerate rather than slow. There should be a constant reinforcement of urgency at the highest levels for employees to adapt to the new change, collaboration will be essential. The company vision should be communicated by every employee at the company and employees should be given the authority to run their own work groups. Leadership should delegate authority so information will be broadly disseminated throughout the company (2). A major change initiative needs to be adapted by employees to support corporate cultures then the changes being made will emerge.

Share an example from your own professional life where you have seen cultural norms support or impede progress.

I used to work for this company that lack efficient technology and to change cultural norms rely on technology to facilitate new connections, dialogues, and worldwide engagement, as well as to streamline the funding process and provide easy access. Technology has shown to be a critical to answer a company most complex problems, and it also makes it simple to connect with people or other companies who have the same issues.

What actions must leaders take to foster a culture that sustains changes that have been made?

It’s not simply nature that makes a person a leader; it’s also nurturing (1). The day will come when continuous, compounding growth triumphs. Risk-taking, modest self-reflection, gathering the views and ideas of others, attentive listening, and openness to new ideas are all mental habits of lifelong learners. People will need to be adaptable in order to master dynamic job pathways that are unlike those of the previous century. (Kotter 2012), “Adopt a forward-thinking attitude.” Those at the top of today’s businesses who push others to take risks, who assist them overcome natural anxieties, and thereby grow their companies’ leadership ability (1).


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