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Responding to challenging situation using advanced psychomotor skills

As well as responding to challenging situations using advanced psychomotor skills, Registered Nurses use sophisticated thinking abilities to apply clinical reasoning as they make decisions about patients with complex and diverse health care needs(Lovett-Jones,2018).There are 3 family members included in this case study that you can choose from.Please review the family information provided to you in the Demetriou family located in the provided In Appendix B of the document

*In written essay format you are required to pick ONE(1) member of the Demetriou family and apply the first FOUR(4) phases of Clinical Reasoning Cycle to demonstrate how a beginning nurse might plan the care of this one individual*

*1.Consider the Patient Situation*

*2.Collect cues and information*

*3.Process information*

*4.Identify the Problem/Issue*


Length and/or format 1200 words+/- 10%, Essay format

*Kindly use the Levett-Jones Clinical Reasoning Cycle*

Look at the attachment below for more info in Appendix B

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