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Response to student post minimum 150 words


Respond to at least two peers. Select the strength or weakness of the post that most interests you and explain how it relates to an aspect of the data analysis you are doing with your selected organization.

Student post down below:

The limitations of data may hinder the outcome of an organization’s program and mission. According to Guenole, Ferrar & Feinzig (2017), collecting high quality data should always be the goal of a research but the collection of high-quality data should not overshadow the dynamics of the project (p. 137). When looking at the data for the One-Stop Center’s program on increasing unemployment opportunities within the Riverbend Community, the data collected was incomplete, inconsistent and had some missing factors. The data limitations did not show which demographic of the participants were assisted and what the outcome of the assistance was. The data was also limited to participants who had degrees and could obtain employment and not citizens who needed actual assistance, like the citizens who were unaware of the programs or were afraid to seek help from the program because of their past criminal history.

The strengths of the organization rely on the programs that they offer and the funding that they receive from multiple donors. The organization could easily use the funding to strengthen the programs they have by bringing in more citizens who are still struggling in the community to find employment. The weakness of the organization is that the programs being offered are not being utilized by the citizens who really need them. The programs are not being utilized because they are not promoted enough to the citizens who really need them. The data can improve this issue by targeting the population that is still struggling with employment and moving forward by getting the participants into the organization.

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