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Restorative Justice and The Influence of race in school disciplinary actions.

Please Use the template provided to complete assignment The topic is : Restorative Justice and The Influence of race in school discipline actions.


2 – 3 paragraphs of statistics on your topic

Thesis paragraph (no heading just a note that it is the last paragraph in your introduction).

You should start this paragraph by stating the title of your paper.

Problem Statement

Choose 3-5 areas where you highlight the consequences of the issue under review. These can be bad or good consequences. The point is to highlight the impact the issue has on individuals, families, the system, etc.

The last paragraph of your problem statement should answer. “Why is this important?”


Choose 2 theories you think influence your project and write a paragraph or two summarizing the theory and how you think the theory influences your project


Choose a number of data sources you can use as support for your project. Include a summary of what is available at the link and the link.


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Proficient Writer Editorial Team

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