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retail marketing strategy : 2000 words Comparative Analysis

Choose two retailers from the same sector, but with different target markets (for example, Waitrose and Aldi; Selfridges and Primark).

Briefly summarise the value proposition that each of the two retailers are offering to their specific target consumers.

By reflecting on the type of retailers that you choose, focus on TWO of the following (from the list below), and critically compare and contrast how the retailers take different approaches to meeting the needs of their customers:

  • The way they use retail digital platforms for consumer and retailer interaction

Report Format

  • The main report should be around 2000 words, +/- 10%.
  • Additional appendices can be provided, but they should only be used for additional illustrative material such as data, charts and photos and brief accompanying explanatory notes.
  • The report should be presented in Ariel, 12 pt font size, 1.5 spaced, page numbered and in A4 format.

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