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revise the problems according to the suggestions.

the main problems

1. you need to pointed out the background about research topic, why china and why Shenzhen ?

you need to have some overall background descriptions and statistical information of your research. such as : (suggested)

  • the city -Shenzhen ( the degree developed )
  • the international schools.

1. -Selectivity Is it competitive? Are there any entrance exams? how many students are enroled? What percentage of students? 2- tuition fees 3 – language of instruction 4. – International schools sector or system in the city that you are studying

  • you should focus on the parental choices, parental strategies-subjective understandings and experiences
  • suggested key words : Chinese parents , parental choices – international schools – China

2. towards literature review, you need to consist with topics

3. you need to reflect yourself in terms of to stated out the epistemology, ontology and positionality, you have to in the shoes of student. you cannot just use the theory to stated that. what actually influenced you decision that you did not mentioned.

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