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SAT Question

file:///C:/Users/sonia/Downloads/20201126175525assignment_5%20(3).pdf HI, I saw you already solved assignment 5 and its avaliable in studypool. but after I did my first attempt I got %27 out of 100. so the almost 10 question was right the rest was wrong. can take a look again and find the right answer please thanks.

DSCI 352 Assignment 5 – Predicting Breast
In this assignment you will be applying machine learning to try to predict breast cancer from a
set of biological attributes in a tissue sample. Specifically, you will be constructing, evaluating,
and comparing three different classification models.
As this is an online assignment, it is imperative that you CAREFULLY READ AND FOLLOW
ALL DIRECTIONS. Failure to do so may result in points lost unnecessarily.
This assignment is to be entirely your own work – by submitting you certify that this is true.
To begin, please download the following data file:…

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Proficient Writer Editorial Team

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