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Sexual history interview

The Sexual History Interview involves a trio of classmates who rotate taking the roles of interviewee, interviewer, and observer so as to gain first-hand experience in being interviewed, conducting an interview, and observing the process. Use the interview as an opportunity to reflect on the narratives presented by each interviewee to discern examples of “patterns that organize & connect” our sexual trans-actions, sexual experiences, sexual attitudes, and sexual identities, past and present. The Interviewer may want to select questions from Exhibit 2 and/or Exhibit 3 to give a sense of direction to the interview. When reflecting on the significance of the information gathered, consider the questions below, and remember to consider your thoughts as hypotheses subject to further checking with your interviewees:

  1. What were the overt & covert messages (+ and -) in the interviewee’s family regarding Sexuality? Femininity? Masculinity? Gender roles?
  2. How was sexuality and intimacy encouraged? Discouraged?
  3. What sexual trans-action patterns can be identified? What has changed over time about these patterns? What has endured (i.e., stayed the same)?
  4. What patterns persist in the Interviewee’s present experience?
  5. What messages does the interviewee wish to communicate to a son or daughter regarding gender roles and sexuality/intimacy?

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