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SJP Symposium Video Presentation

I completed my Practicum with Changing the mindset Inc. creating the training schedule by identifying speakers alongside the Director. Changing the mindset a Non Profit Organization. I have all of the tasks and materials that I assisted with and just need help organizing it into an acceptable presentation based on the following instructions:

SJP Symposium 2021

What you need to know to have an excellent video upload for the SJP Symposium Presentation

Presentation requirements

  • SJP presentation must be 10-15 mins.
  • The rubric is the answer
  • Audio is required
  • Cite and use references correctly (do not use “Adler n.d.,” find the original source)
  • Upload PANOPTO early to avoid technical difficulties
  •  No late submissions (automatic zero)

     Watch tutorial on PANOPTO (no PANOPTO/automatic zero)

    Key focus areas

  • Start by reflecting
  • Mission, vision, values of the
  • organization/special project

  • Methods
  • Projects/tasks
  • Covid-19 impact
  • Skillsets developed/tool box
  • How were you changed?
  • Deliverable Method
  • • Explain the methods and activities the organization, institute, or agency uses toaddress the problem(s). Please be sure address all of the following questions:
  • What resources and/or services does the organization provide?
  • Not required for special project, unless you provided a service
  • What programs are operating?
  • How is the organization funded?
  • Not required for special project
  • How does the organization engage the community?
  • What systemic barriers does the organization take a stance against?
  • How does the organization evaluate all their efforts (services, programs, outreach, ) YOUR PROJECT(S) AND TASKSSpecifically, state what you did in your internship:
  • Specify your projects and tasks
  • List the observable impacts from your efforts (e.g. greater assistance leads to helping more
  • people)

  • Explain how your efforts assisted in the actualization of the organizational mission
  • Provide a personal reflection about what you learned and state
  • if your thinking/feelings/behaviors were challenged about social problems, systems, social

    inequities, quality of life, person in environment, etc.

  • Reflect upon what privileges and/or disadvantages you are more aware of (race, class, gender,
  • sexual orientation, age, etc.) and how you will integrate your new knowledge, skills, and

    attitudes into your professional work as a socially responsible practitioner. HOW WAS YOUR SJP EXPERIENCE IMPACTED BY

  • THE CORONAVIRUS PANDEMICProvide a brief description of how your SJP evolved:
  • Were you remote with your same site? How did your project change?
  • Were you working on a special project? How did it change?
  • Your observations of how social injustices became more amplified or
  • increasingly prevalent during the Pandemic and your ideas on how to

    address them.


  • As an emerging Socially Responsible Practitioner explain how your SJP has changedyour perceptions, thoughts, feelings about specific populations and how you will workwith them. Use the following questions as a guide:
  • What impact has your learning experience had on your practitioner lens in terms of
  • understanding the social and systemic contexts that people live in as you work

    alongside them to improve their quality of life and advanced social equity?

  • How will you use your new skills and tools in your work with colleagues, multidisciplinary teams, research groups, consultations, etc.?
  • How will you expand your professional network to gain more tools?
  • How did your project inspire your personal and professional commitment to social
  • justice issues and community engagement? Deliverable

  • • What did you do for your deliverable? Visually show this
  • What is the goal or aim of the deliverable you completed?
  • How will it aid the community or address an injustice?
  • What are some insights that you gained from developing this
  • deliverable?

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