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  1. Using a spreadsheet, track the daily price of any four stocks in which you have an interest for one week. Show the daily beginning stock price, ending stock price, and difference. Calculate the stock’s total per-share movement for the week and calculate the stock’s average price per share for the week.
  2. Using a spreadsheet program, prepare an expense budget for a mythical start-up law firm for one year. Assume that the law firm will have four attorneys (two of whom are partners and two of whom are associates), two paralegals, and two secretaries. Be sure to include leased space, office equipment (computers, copiers, printers, phones, etc.), office supplies, utilities, and miscellaneous expenses.
  3. Using a spreadsheet program, summarize the amount of time you spend attending class and studying for your classes for a week. Assume that you will be paid for the time spent studying or attending classes, but that you must present a detailed bill of your activities. The bill must be professional in appearance and be accurately calculated. Assume that you will be paid $60 an hour.
  4. Using a spreadsheet program, enter the names, complete addresses, and telephone numbers of 20 relatives and/or friends. The list must be professional in appearance and sorted alphabetically by last name.
  5. You have requested a new computer from your law firm in next year’s budget. Your managing attorney has asked you to provide a detailed, itemized list of the equipment and the price for each component of the system. Your managing attorney is very frugal, so include a one-page memorandum (with the itemized listing) summarizing why the system you have selected is appropriate.

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Proficient Writer Editorial Team

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