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SS3A, Week 7 Discussion – Working with Your Data, 4 ppl

Part One

Please reflect on the information about culture and online culture. As part of your reflection, take note of how your reading on online communities fits in. Additionally, do you notice anything interesting about the culture of your chosen subreddit?

Part Two

How are you planning to organize your data for analysis? What do you like about the approach you have chosen? Please share an example of a post or comment that has brought up something interesting for you. Provide the (at least brief) theme/coding for this post or comment (it may be easiest to embed this as an image (Links to an external site.)). Explain how this might fit with some of the academic articles you have found.


You will not be able to view anyone’s post until you submit your initial post.

The initial post (3 points) is due on Thursday, and you are expected to respond to at least one classmates’ posts (2 points) by the end of Friday.

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