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Strategic Leadership W8 Project Portfolio

For the Strategy Term project- Portfolio assignment, you will need to include all sections of the completed Running Case Project Weekly Updates, as well as the following:

  • Cover page
  • Table of contents describing each section and title of weekly assignments
  • Running Case Project Weekly Updates (8 parts)
  • A Conclusion that shares your perspective of the project. The conclusion should include the main lessons learned about strategic management analysis and how the project contributes to your understanding of strategic leadership.

Paper Details:

  • Submit the assignment in Microsoft Office format.
  • Format the assignment using APA formatting and writing style.

General Expectations for All Written Assignments:

Papers should follow current APA guidelines in terms of type, margins, and citations and address the following areas:

1. The actual assignment topic. Consult the instructor for additional information or clarity on assignment instructions.

2. Cover the assignment topic in sufficient detail and depth with scholarly sources to support claims.

3. The content should reflect ample use of required readings and other course materials.

4. A Running Case Project Rubric will be used for grading weekly assignments.

5. A Strategy Project Portfolio Rubric will be used for grading the Strategy Term Project.

6. A Term Project Portfolio Dropbox is available to upload the assignment.

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Proficient Writer Editorial Team

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