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The following are notes for assignment 3 instead of making a video so it’s important that you read this entire message and note the instructions I give below regarding this week’s written assignment. Do not complete the assignment without reading my instructions below. There will be no second chances with the assignment if I grade you down for not following my instructions below, with this major assignment worth 260 points (pay close attention to all the highlighted areas below).

This final project must be between 15 -20 pages and will include all the following: If any of the items I listed below are missing from your paper, the grade will suffer, and there will be no retries for this assignment.

Compile the previous assignments and:

  1. Create a quarter-page (1/4) informative abstract for your final project.
  2. Revise your “Project Analysis and Instructional Objectives” Assignment, incorporating any feedback that you received.
  3. Revise your “Design Processes and Delivery Strategies” Assignment, incorporating any feedback that you received. (This means the feedback you received from the professor and your peers.)

Then you will write six-eight NEW pages in which you: (Everyone knows what NEW means)

  1. Create an evaluation plan that clearly correlates to the three (3) instructional objectives you developed in Assignment 1. Specify the measures that best fit each objective.
  2. Prepare a five- (5-) question test that correlates with the learning objectives from Assignment 1. Design the test so that it reflects multiple levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy.
  3. Determine the type of evaluation approach that is most appropriate for your project. Provide a rationale for your selection.
  4. Select a learning theory that applies to the instructional design of the project. Provide a rationale for your selection.
  5. Determine three (3) learning theory principles and specify how they apply to your project.
  6. Examine the information gaps that still exist within the project. Determine the information that would be necessary in order to complete the project more effectively. Provide a rationale for your response.
  7. Specify the next steps to complete the delivery of the instruction. Identify final preparations needed, such as the location, resources, equipment, transportation, and food

Note: In this assignment, I expect to see all the level one headers from assignments one and two then the new level one header’s for assignment four to correspond for the assignment topic’s instructions.

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