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success plan

Each student will prepare a success plan for themselves. The plan will include the following aspirational goals: education, career, and personal life. Additionally, a student’s plan must identify what and how to contribute back to society AND separately how they will contribute toward improving the natural environment. The plan is to be two FULL pages single spaced covering each of the aspirational goals noted above.

Education- I want to take a diploma in insurance from – sports management masters – management masters from INSEAD Paris

Career I want to work in Wataniya insurance company until I’m 34 years old, then start up my own business ( didn’t decide what is the business). And than be the president of Al Ahli Saudi Soccer Team, this is my dream .

Personal Life: I want to marry at the age of 25. and to own my house at the age of 35.

Please don’t use any sources even the one’s attached above. no sources at all.

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