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Summarize an article and create 2 questions on it with their answers

Tips for Productive Journal Club Discussions:

1. Questions should not merely knowledge of study details (e.g. How big was the sample?).

2. Questions should require the group member to critique the methods. For example, if you believe that there was bias introduced due to the location of participant recruitment, you might say: “How do you think the setting for participant recruitment impacted the findings? Was the sample representative of the theoretical population the researchers defined?”.

3. Typically areas of interest for study critiques are:

  1. Sampling Procedures
  2. Intervention Procedures (if applicable)
  3. Measurement: Both the Procedures and How they defined variables
  4. Data Analysis Method and Quality of Description
  5. Presentation of Results
  6. Quality and Logic of Authors’ Interpretation of Results
  7. Overall Writing quality- e.g. Now that you have learned to build an argument in an Intro, how do you think the authors did?

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Proficient Writer Editorial Team

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