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Summary Of the Article

please write a complete summary of the article.
Structure :
Conclusion or summary

1. A brief overview (5-7 sentences) describing the authors’/researchers• research plan (from the introduction/background of the articles). This will be the ‘introduction’ section to your assignment.
I. Your goal here is to weave the information into one paragraph that succinctly conveys what the two groups of
authors/researchers are planning to do.

2. Summarize the methods, results (often referred to as findings). the discussion of the findings, and the authors/researchers’ conclusions, limitations, and if included the implications for nursing. and recommendations for future research OF botharticles.
1. Again. work to blend and merge the information from the two articles into a flowing, logical process. Discuss the methods of one,
and then the methods of the other… in one paragraph! Here’s an example.

900 words needed

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Proficient Writer Editorial Team

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