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Team Case Study–KFC

Team Case Study Paper on KFC (No Plagiarism)

This is a team assignment and students are expected to work together and synthesize their individual parts to produce one (1) paper. Only one (1) student on each team needs to submit the paper for grading. Each team member will receive the team’s grade.

Refer to the file on “Conducting a Case Study” and the Case Study Rubric. It is imperative to follow the criteria listed in the Case Study Rubric, “Conducting a Case Study” Guidelines, and the 6th edition of the APA Manual. This assignment should be 15-20 pages excluding the title and reference pages. The paper should contain at least one graph, figure, chart, or table.

Be sure to follow the Case Study Rubric and follow APA guidelines.

Uploaded all supporting documents


Overview of the organization

Identify the type of business organization and strategies

Key players


Organizational Structure

Organizational Strategy (low cost; differentiation; etc.)

Body: (Label headings according to subject/content)

Identify problems, issues, variables, and relationships related to the case

Discuss problems and List symptoms

Isolate critical issues

Conduct SWOT analysis and discuss the components







Discuss solutions and alternative solutions

Discuss Christian and ethical repercussions within the context of the case

Make recommendations

Offer a plan for implementation

Determine measurements for effectiveness and efficiency

Logical conclusion

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Proficient Writer Editorial Team

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