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The Management and Communication Development

As leaders, we are constantly looking for improvement in management and communication. For this project, you will research an organization and write about how it works within the management functions we have discussed and what improvements or changes would you suggest to improve their overall management function.

The Management and Communication Development challenge is a 6-8 page paper that will include the following:

  • Describe the organization and current management and communication functions.
  • Provide background/historical information as needed.
  • Discuss suggestions you would make, based on the course to improve.
  • Discuss barriers or resistance to the proposed change
  • Provide recommendations and discuss the planning/strategy you will follow to implement changes.
  • Utilize cited resources from at least 4 chapters in the course textbook to support your changes. of the textbook and include external cited resources.

Paper Requirements:

  • The paper will be 6-8 pages in length, not including the cover, reference pages, and/or any appendices.
  • Be sure to cite all sources. Sources not properly cited or not cited at all are considered plagiarism and will earn a zero grade.
  • Use scholarly journals and articles to support your research.
  • You can take your name off of your paper, and keep the identity of your organization confidential by referring to your company as “ABC” or “XYZ” Company prior to submitting your paper.
  • Make sure you follow APA guidelines.

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