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the other wes moore

Using social systems theory, write a three to four page analysis of a system that is portrayed in
The Other Wes Moore. Social systems theory could be applied to the family, community or any
other social system you identify. The assignment should be completed using at least 7 of the
specific systems concepts from a list of terms distributed in class (e.g. boundary, subsystem,
suprasystem, input, output, feedback, interface, ecosystem, interface, entropy, steady state,
homeostasis, throughput, social group, primary group, secondary group, protective factors,
person-in-environment, etc.)

Please follow the below outline for your 3-4 page paper.
1. Provide a social systems synopsis of Wes and Moore (“the other Wes Moore”) using the
systems terms discussed in class to illustrate how their microsystems differed (influence
of peers, siblings, and sources of community support, etc.). Illustrate how the
influence of the different microsystems impacted the choices made by each at 2 key
points in their lives.
2. Compare and contrast the influence of the different macrosystems of Wes and Moore
(“the other Wes Moore”). How were the macrosystems encountered by each different
and how did each system influence the people that Wes and Moore became?
3. Using the concepts of role theory and the looking glass self, explain the differences
in how Wes and Moore perceived themselves in relation to their environments.
Explain how these frameworks help to provide better insight into what specifically
lead to the vast differences in both Wes Moore’s life outcomes.

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