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The question is explained below

Hello I want a POWERPOINT presentation about the product exported and products imported

Each 5 or 4 slide start with export tesla cars to Oman

In the presentation don’t use we will or we are importing. (Second person). Take like if it was ingeneral.

See the forms of both export and import to use the same numbers in the PowerPoint.

Main point of the presentation is to talk about routes of shipping. So do reaserch about how tesla cars can come to Oman and fertilizers can come to USA from Saudi. See the forms to knkw exactly the cities.

In the PowerPoint. Professor asked to put more pictures less words. So put many MAPS and pictures that can describe the route and the presentation.

Lastly. Write a separate sheet for each slide for me. In which I would say in the presentation.

So put any information on the sheet.

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Proficient Writer Editorial Team

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