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Theatre – Production Analysis

From the list of plays provided below, chose one for your project, read the script and do the following. Please note that if you chose The Importance of Being Earnest, you only need to do Act 1. You will submit a written report with photos, detailing your design choices.

Production Analysis: Using either a spreadsheet format or separate sections create a production analysis for your chosen play. Include the following.

1. Given circumstances: Explain each briefly with as much info as you have in at least one complete sentence. If these are not specified in your play, it is up to you to decide, as long as your choices can be justified by the script.

  • Geographic location
  • Date (year, month/season, time of day):
  • Economic environment:
  • Political and or Social environment:

Example: The play is set in 2002 in Montreal (p 18). I chose 2002 because the characters referred to receiving a fax, and none of them has cell phones, although François has a laptop. The play takes place between January and November. Scene 1 is obviously winter as Léa arrives in a big, puffy winter coat (p 2), Sophie & François have a picnic in Scene 8 (p 22) and it’s chilly but not snowy for the wedding scene at the end (Sophie is in a Fall coat, p 43). The characters all appear to be middle class–not struggling but not rich either. Robert is a university professor, so I presume he makes a decent living, and François owns a café. The political and economical environment doesn’t appear to play a large role in the story, but we can assume it’s stable since it’s Montreal in 2002.

2. Sounds: List all the sound effects or music called for in your script, as well as any additional ambient sound, music, or noises you think would enhance the show. Include page and line number when the cue would occur

3. Props: List all the props needed (describe thoroughly anything held/used by a character). Consider the material they are made of, color, texture, size, time period. Include the page and line number for reference.

4. Set Pieces: List all the set pieces needed (describe thoroughly anything on stage). Consider the material they are made of, color, texture, size, time period.

5. Costumes: If your play is not specific about what characters are wearing, decide what each character in your play should be wearing (choose four (4) if you have more characters than this). List all pieces needed. Consider outerwear, specialized undergarments, shoes, headwear/hats, jewelry, glasses, gloves. Consider what material pieces are made out of according to the time period. Consider the texture and color scheme and how this will look under your lights.

6. Lighting: List at least two (2) lighting looks for your play. This could be how the location and time of day should look at the start and end of the play, or you could choose a couple “special” moments where the lighting changes or is more dramatic/pronounced Explanation of lighting look (What is the time of day? How will you convey this? What colour is the light onstage? How intense, warm or cool, is it? How bright or dark is it? What is visible on stage? Can you see the beam edges of the light on the floor, or should the light blend together? Are there any special patterns that are displayed on the floor or walls through a stencil in the light? Do any of the lights change or move during the play?)

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