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Theoretical Perspectives

Choose one of the theoretical perspectives on the family outlined in your text.

Use the Hunt Library to find an article that discusses current research that is based on your chosen theoretical perspective. Provide the APA citation for the article and briefly summarize the main points.

Give a brief critique of the article, including observations such as its clarity, appropriate representation of the theory, sound research methods, and logical progression of thought toward conclusions and recommendations. Include your opinion on the conclusions and/or recommendations. Address the following:

  • Why is this topic relevant to the study of families?
  • How does it relate to the theoretical perspective?
  • Do you agree or disagree with the conclusions of the authors?
  • If you were going to replicate this study, what would you do differently or what variation would you introduce? How does this strengthen or expand the study?

Post your citation and critique in the discussions area and then read and respond to 2 of your classmates.

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