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This is a written question with a Chicago style citation

This assignment must be done in Chicago style citation. This is not negotiable! Assignment should be 6-7 pages.

This is the assignment prompt: “Christopher Ballantine examines white (musical) identity in the post-apartheid moment. He proposes three models for how these “re-inventions” of identity can be understood. According to Ballantine, these musicians can be regarded as 1) “white Africans;” 2) as “whites in Africa;” or 3) as embracing “fugitive identities.”

You need to Analyze three songs in total, one song from each category proposed in Ballantine’s writing. A song that represents “white Africans” , a song that represents “whites in Africa”, and a song that represents embracing “ fugitive identities”. This should be 3 separate songs listed with subtitle and song description and how the song relates to Ballantines reading. You need to use details from the reading to correlate the songs to Ballantines reading and to one of his 3 models listed above. Ballantine reading is attached along with Chicago citation example, footers and in text numbering example and my outline.

Please read through all attached images to help you through the assignment. My teacher left negative comments and critiques based on my outline. I picked 3 songs already for you to use but my teacher did not like the 3rd song and we should find a different 3 rd choice, the other 2 songs are fine.

For the song by De Le Rey we need to replace this song with a different one.

Again this assignment must have footers numbered in text and citation CHICAGO style only. A example of Chicago style citation will be attached. Please follow this expectation.

include page number Chicago style in text footer citations and numbered with footnotes and a citation page, 12 point font double space time Roman numerical. NO Pdf must be a word document.

Here is some help for the song by sugar man Documentary about sugar man that would help. Folk mucisan 60s and 70s he didn’t make it in music started working construction but an album found its way to south Africa an important feature in apartheid movement. Only popular amongst white south Africans. The track goes along with ideas behind a movement , sex , drug, rock and roll more of an Afrikaner and white resistance to societal oppression. Fan boys found sugar man, he performed in South Africa and made a lot of money but he only played for white South Africans mainly in Austria where a lot of South Africans migrated. They look up to the Mexican American brown shaded guy, but not considering brown and black in South Africa. Articles about deleray by Adam .

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