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TQM Tools Application

In the 4.2 Discussion: TQM Analysis activity, you analyzed one of the seven TQM tools and reviewed and responded to your classmates’ analysis. In this activity, you will apply some of the tools to examine errors during the turnaround of aircraft for a large, fictional airline.

This check sheet below provides the number of errors reported for a seven day period for the events completed during the turnaround process.

step1:Use Excel and the error data to develop a histogram and Pareto chart. Review the charts and draw conclusions from the data. Explain what the data are telling you. What actions would you suggest to reduce the number of errors?

Step 2: Produce a Scatter Diagram

Continue with your examination of ways to reduce the error rate. Use the Servicing Delay vs. Support Staff data shown below to produce a scatter diagram comparing the galley servicing delay versus the number of staff you are short of on each respective day.

Step 3: Create a Statistical Process Control Chart

Step 4: Build a Cause-and-Effect Diagram

Step 5: Submit the Assignment

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