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Part 1: Initial Post (due by February 14 with Module 4)

Create written response that includes the following information about your Wellness Action Step.

  1. Remind your group what your action step was at your last post (Module 2).
  2. How successful were you at following through with your action steps since your last post? Why?
  3. Explain what your action step is for this week. Explain why you selected that action step (how does it tie back to your goal). Make sure it is truly an action step and one that will promote success.
    1. Make sure you address what makes it is an action step (the Module 4 Behavior Change moment will help).
    2. Explain what makes it a small step towards your goal(s).
  4. Explain how satisfied you are with your progress towards your goal(s), thus far.
  5. Discuss one strategy you will use this week to promote your success–other than having a strong action step.

Part 2: Respond to Group Mates (due by February 21 with Module 5)

  • Respond to the initial post of at least 2 of your group mates.
    • Your response can be in written or video format.
  • In your response, do one of the following…
    • Highlight success promoting antecedents you noticed in their post (the Module 5 Behavior Change moment will help).
    • OR given their post, share a positive success promoting antecedent you can think of that applies to their action step/goal.

    ((Write anything that makes sense to my last post))

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