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Unit 1 Discussion Board: Overview of Human Rights

The nature of summer school means that we will be doing these discussion boards in a very tight time framework, so I have just combined the two parts of this first discussion.

First, let’s get acquainted. Just introduce yourself to the class. Tell us three things about yourself that you don’t mind sharing with the class, i.e. your major, your interests, your family status, etc.

Part 1

Then we will begin our engagement with the material by discussing the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the primary focus for this first unit. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights was endorsed by the United Nations General Assembly with no dissenting votes in 1948. Since then it has provided the framework for understanding the meaning of human rights and is considered the foundation for international law in the field. It will also provide the framework for this course. The lecture/reading material for this first unit explains the background, history, and applications of the principles incorporated in this document.

After you have read the Universal Declaration and the material for this Unit, select three articles from the Universal Declaration that you believe to be most fundamental to the nature of human beings. Defend your choices by explaining the reasons for your selection. Do you disagree with the inclusion of any of the other rights listed? Why?

Part 2

Now let’s move on to the hard part: As you review the document, comment on the most difficult issue: enforcement of the theoretical rights enshrined in the UDHR. The document can only state theoretical rights, rights that we all know are often negated or abused in practice. How would you suggest enforcement be improved?

Respond to your colleagues’ posts by explaining why you agree or disagree with their choices or by enlarging upon their comments. need to responnd atleast 3 friend post.

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