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Using Clinical Judgment and Practice Excellence to Impact Outcomes Conversations Conversations

  • Synthesize components of practice excellence, clinical judgment, and personal knowing as a foundation for complex client care and lifelong learning.
Transferable Skills
  • Communication – Displaying capability in writing, reading, and oral communication; understanding of non‐verbal language.
  • Critical Thinking – Improving thinking, including problem‐solving and creativity, by applying intellectual standards such as clarity, precision, logic, and reflection.
  • Digital Fluency – Effectively employing and understanding digital tools to express ideas in appropriate contexts.
  • Diversity & Teamwork – Demonstrating awareness and empathy while working collaboratively with people of diverse backgrounds and perspectives.
  • Ethics & Professional Responsibility – Understanding and exhibiting principles of conduct and professional behavior which impact a greater good in the world and workplace. Understanding and applying ethical and professional principles of conduct.
  • Information Literacy – Discovering information reflectively, understanding how information is produced and valued, and using information to create new knowledge and participate ethically in communities of learning.

After completing your BSN degree, you accepted a promotion to a clinical educator in the facility where you work. You recently participated in inter-professional grand rounds and described a scenario in which your clinical decisions had positive impacts on client outcomes. You described how your pursuit of practice excellence, use of clinical judgment, and passion for lifelong learning had positive impacts on your nursing practice. The Director of Nursing was impressed with your ideas and passion for nursing and asked you to be a speaker at a nursing recruitment luncheon for new graduates.


Create a presentation with script, and record a separate audio file of the presentation that is not longer than eight minutes and that includes the following:

  • Description of the clinical scenario you consider most impactful to your current role as a nurse, including the components of the clinical judgement process:
  • Cue recognition and clustering
  • Generation and prioritization of hypotheses
  • Actions taken
  • Outcomes evaluated
  • Description of how you pursue practice excellence, including a specific example related to your current role as a nurse including:
  • The challenge to the status quo
  • Courage to do the right thing
  • Integrate a collaborative approach to nursing practice
  • Explanation of how achieving your BSN will impact your pursuit of lifelong learning.
  • Ideas stated with professional language and attribution for credible sources with correct APA citation, spelling, and grammar.
  • Create a separate audio file of the presentation (eight minutes maximum) by using an audio recording tool and submitting one zipped file for the audio recording and presentation.
  • If using Screencast-O-Matic you can submit the URL link to the recording with the presentation.

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