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Victimology U4

For this assignment, select one of the following theories about sexual aggression towards individuals:

  • sexual motivation,
  • socialization,
  • machoism,
  • biological factors, and
  • psychological forces.

Then, conduct research about the theory you selected, and report your findings. Explain the impact this theory has on a diverse society. Mention any cultural and social factors that may have contributed to the theory.

Conclude your research with a summary of the current laws regarding sexual aggression. State your opinion of how the laws illustrate the development from a victim justice system towards a criminal justice system.

Support your paper with a minimum of three references from the CSU Online Library. You may find the following library tutorial useful: How to Research Criminal Justice Topics tutorial

Your paper must be three pages in length, not including title or references pages. Adhere to APA Style when constructing this assignment, including in-text citations and references for all sources that are used. Please note that no abstract is needed.

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