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W80-501 Contract Law

Boss acted as if she would hire Employee. Employee accepted the “offer” not realizing Baker was bantering. Eventually the case was settled. Employee would work for Boss, but Boss would only pay if the work was satisfactory, judged subjectively. As it turned out, there was more work for Employee than originally thought. Boss therefore decided to pay $10,000 more per year. Later, Boss denied that promise.

Five years later, Boss and Employee agreed on a bonus schedule that did not allow a single deadline to be missed. However, Employee did miss one deadline by an hour. Employee claimed his performance was good enough to receive the bonus.

Ten years after Employee was hired, he wanted to become a co-owner. He went to Boss and said, “Please make me a co-owner.” Boss responded, “Not a bad idea. We will figure something out.” Two months later, Employee was fired by Boss, who claimed he was not a co-owner.

Answer questions based on your knowledge of the Uniform Commercial Code 206 and or 207 i believe, the Restatement (Second) of Contracts, and general principles of the common law of contracts.

case to use is Embry v Hargadine

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