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Website Portfolio,website that showcases your expertise in a given area.

The capstone project in CAT 125 is a website that showcases your expertise in a given area. Because this course focuses on developing rhetorical awareness, your website does not have to be technically or artistically ambitious. Using a web service that provides website templates or easy editors for publishing online content, such as GoogleSites, Squarespace, Wix, or Weebly is completely acceptable (Tumbler and other feed-style pages are not accepted). The website must be published online to constitute completion. The overall theme of your site can relate to the materials you created for your Ignite presentation or Personal Statement. Above all else, this project is evaluated on your ability to effectively use a media-rich format directed to a specific audience.

If you choose to create an online portfolio that is specific to your major, be aware that different disciplines have different conventions when it comes to the basic elements of an online portfolio. For example, teachers often include a statement of teaching philosophy, information about their experiences out in the field at different schools, and sample teaching materials such as syllabi or lesson plans. In contrast, art students may include many different photographs created in their online portfolios. Viewers generally expect access to large, high quality images that document artistic work.

If you choose to create a site dedicated to something besides your studies (e.g. a hobby or organization you are a member of), it should relate to other websites within the same subject. The nature of articles, site structure, images, vocabulary, and audience should reflect or advance the current online practices of your subject material. For example, a website for an organization would present significant accomplishments and events, directed at potential members, clients, or donors. A hobby website would provide step-by-step instructions for basic and advanced projects, while linking to useful resources for materials and related services.

You site must also satisfy the following requirements:

  1. An “About” section dedicated to the purpose of your site. You may use elements of your personal statement in this section.
  2. A “Links” page referring the viewer to other important sites of interest in your field (6 entries minimum).
  3. An article reviewing and critiquing another relevant article, video, or piece of media. You should engage other writers and authors who also discuss aspects of your topic.
  4. At least one non-written element you have created/remixed (software, audio, video, or series of self-created images) that deals with your topic. It does not need to function as a stand-alone piece; it may provide additional information within the context of a written article.
  5. There should be at least 6 entries (including the four listed above).
  6. Each entry should roughly be the equivalent of 2 pages (though they may vary by content). It should communicate a point clearly and thoroughly, whether through words or other non-written media.

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