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What are some of the factors that are most important in determining internal alignment?

Internal alignment is relationships between jobs within a single organization. A few factors that are most important are workplace relationships, motivation, supporting organizational strategy and supporting workflow. Workplace relationships play an important part of internal alignment within an organization. It improves the work ethic and morals in the company and provides support to the alignment of structures. It develops a better creation more towards ethical workplace which give a better productivity. Giving motivation to the employees is an important part of an a organization. It gives a level of value an ethic that can be involved in a workplace by getting motivated from the leaders in the organization. By providing support of the organizational strategy from employees is necessary to provide intensive support to develop in the organization. Supporting workflow is supported by employees of the organization. It provides extensive support to the structure of the organization and to maintain productivity of the organization on a great level.

How is internal alignment related to the fairness of and how does it impact turnover?

Internal alignment is related to fairness by having factors in a organization that enters the alignment to divide the increase which provides intensive support to the structure of the organization. By using these tools it can give a positive change and create a better structure in a workplace and also provide fairness in the organization which can benefit in a positive way.

Give an example from personal experience, research or observation of a company with effective strategic internal alignment. How can this information help you has a leader?

A good example is to ensure the health of the individual or the organization. While the doctors take few exams to exclude what the patient has “ in a company we do extensive analyze of organizational performance, studying the strategic, tactical and operational goals individually at each of these three levels“ (Siteware, 2018). The strategic planning is to set the primary business objective for next, break them down in goals in order for it to be met and assign indicators so everyone is on the right track to reach the purposed goals.

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